Sunday, June 17, 2012



Elevating the Audience
Lion VS Gorilla Supports Communities with Uplifting Experiences

By Bridget Esangga

The collaborative duo known as Lion VS Gorilla is dedicated to building community through experiential art that is humorous, a little absurd, and incredibly generous to both the participants and the recipients of the proceeds.

"Our shows are meant to invite the audience in," says Jimmy Bulosan (MAAT 2004), who along with Heather Phillips (MAAT 2004) makes up Lion VS Gorilla. "A lot of people shy away from art because it's seen as exclusionary rather than inclusionary. People feel happy after our shows. A lot of our satisfaction is when people come away feeling good…. That's one of our goals: to just make people happy."


Chicago Freedom School

Understanding "Adultism" training is:

Thursday, June 28
5:30 - 8:30 PM
CFS Center for Social Change, 
719 S. State St., Ste. 3N*

To reserve a spot in this training, fill out the registration form here.
Adultism is a form of oppression that privileges adults over youth and children. It perpetuates age-based stereotypes that limit the potential for intergenerational power-building. When people practice adultism, young people are viewed as objects instead of resources. This training will help adults learn more about how to dismantle adultism culturally, institutionally, interpersonally, and personally in order to createhealthy partnerships with youth. Participants will be challenged to learn what they can do to be an ally to young people in schools and organizations.
*This location is wheelchair accessible.