Missing You!

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One of the great things about email is that information can be shared in a quick, cost-effective manner.  The downside is that too often you can't be sure if the information is getting to your reader.  Here at SAIC MAATers we wonder how many of our art therapy alumni are receiving our newsletter posts.  

As you know, we update the blog as news becomes available and periodically send out an E-Blast to remind folks to check out the Blogspot site and promote particularly timely events.  The trouble is that when we send out the E-Blasts we get bounce-backs and even when the emails go thorough it may be to an old home, work, or school address that is no longer checked.  Such is the nature of email.

But we hope the same technology can help.  If you are getting the E-Blasts, great, that's the goal.  If you are not, maybe they are going to your spam folder.  Try marking it "not-spam" and see if they come through the next time.  Now it gets more complicated, if you are not getting the blasts they may be going to an unused account (we have lots of old @saic.edu addresses on our list).  And if you know an SAIC Art Therapy alum (old classmate, co-worker, supervisee, supervisor, etc.) who is NOT seeing the blog or getting the blasts, please help us get in touch.  Forward a blast to them or send them a link to the newsletter and have them send us their preferred email address to saicMAATers@gmail.com and we will update our records.  And if you have a better email than the one we have been using, by all means send that along as well!    

We hope you are enjoying the SAIC MAATers newsletter and we remind you to please send in your alumni news items, job postings, exhibition information, and other announcements in a ready-to-post form to saicMAATers@gmail.com To update, add or change your email addresses please send an email to: saicMAATers@gmail.com. Be sure to include your full name (and differing current or former names if applicable to help eleviate confusion) in the body of your message.

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