Art Works: How Making Art Illuminates Your Life

For over sixty years, artist Don Seiden has lived the aesthetic philosophy he shares in Art Works, inspiring students and colleagues throughout the world. His message is simple: No matter who you are, creating art allows you to see your life more completely. To document this philosophy, Seiden began working with a writer, Amy DavisArt Works weaves an intimate dialogue between Seiden and Davis throughout each chapter, sharing glimpses of the personal and professional journey this aesthetic philosophy guided for each of them. Thus, what began as a book based on Seiden's own experiences as an artist, educator, and therapist grew into a twenty-year collaboration and rich friendship with Davis, despite nearly forty years difference in age. The result is a unique blend of insight and inspiration that defies categorization. Like art, the book reveals new possibilities each time you read it.

Don Seiden is an artist, art educator and pioneer of art therapy in the Midwest. His artwork has appeared in over thirty-five solo and group shows as well as in private collections, and his work and home have been featured in numerous local and national publications.

In addition to founding the art therapy department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he has also served as a former chair for the sculpture, art education and art therapy departments at SAIC. Seiden is co-author of Direct Metal Sculpture and author of Mind Over Matter, author and illustrator of Artobiography, and co-author of Art Works.  

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