Project Onward Has Moved!

        A long-time fixture of the Chicago art scene in residence at the Chicago
Cultural Center, Project Onward has now joined a thriving arts community in the 
Bridgeport Arts Center (Bridgeport Art Center, 1200 W. 35th St., Chicago, IL, 
60609;  773-793-8454).  The move happened in July and the artists are all back 
in business at the new (and far more spacious) location.  The current 5th floor
space is temporary as finishing touches are made to their permanent fourth floor 
stuio/gallery/office complex to open in mid-September.  They have even already 
hosted one of their signature Portrait Slams.  Check out
our-move-to-bridgeport/ for details about the move and go to their Facebook 
page at to see pictures of the new 
studio and some fun shots from the slam.  
         As a farewell to the Chicago Cultural Center, as final exhibit at that site is 
currently up.  That Was Then, This Is Now: Farewell to the Cultural Center will 
run through Sunday, September 15 at the CCC.  The inaugural show at the 
new gallery in Bridgeport, Joy Bus Ride to 35th & Racine! Runs September 21 – 
November 2, 2013 with a special EXPO CHICAGO V.I.P. event Friday, September 
20, 2013.  See
for details.

  With the move, Project Onward is now able to expand a key dimension of their 
programing—the hiring of a “Service Coordinator” to deal with the various life 
issues that arise periodically with the artists.  They are seeking an art therapist 
for this position with interest and experience in the areas of studio art therapy, 
disabilities, and case management.  Watch this Alumni MAATers blog for more 
details coming soon.


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