Florida Art Therapy Association hosts Video Contest on Healthy Relationships

Goals: Promote awareness about safe digital dating and healthy relationships

We invite individuals of all ages but especially teens to create an educational video of one minute or less. Videos will be submitted for review and will be judged based on effectiveness in addressing healthy relationship choices and the impact of technology on dating. A monetary prize will be provided to the top 3 videos selected ($500 for first; $300 for second; $200 for third). Special consideration will be given to videos that address online and digital aspects of healthy relationships. However, videos all forms of relationships are encouraged.

This program and contest is made possible as a result of the Verizon Foundation. Project title: Domestic Violence Education & Prevention: Creative Collaborations;
Project Start date: 12/09/2013.

Deadline for submission: May 2, 2014
If you have any questions relating to this contest, please e-mail:

Official Rules and Submission form for the Florida Art Therapy Association (FATA) Focusing on Healthy Dating Video Project
Parental Permission must be provided for participants under age 18.

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