Support MAAT '07s Robert Caswell & Holly Wherry's project, Art Therapy Pedalers

Two art therapists bike across the country pulling an art studio, encouraging creativity, and making art with everyone along the way.

We believe that making art is important! It changed both of our lives. We want to share that experience with others who may have limited opportunities to make art.

SO...we will equip our bikes with a mobile art therapy studio, stocked with an array of art materials, and we will ride from Iowa to Louisiana and make art along the way. We will stop in libraries, cafes, community centers, and on the side of the road to make art with anybody we meet. Some events will be planned ahead of time, most will be spontaneous. The specifics of the route is being developed as you read this, but in general our route will follow the Mississippi River Trail. Our ride will begin in mid-August 2014 and go until late October or longer, depending on how the route develops. We will begin posting the route in mid-July.

To learn more about their project and how to support, visit their kickstarter page or their blog, Art Therapy Pedalers

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