Workshop: "Expanding Creative Horizons with Innovative Materials"

 at Live Oak, Inc.
Expanding Creative Horizons with Innovative Materials

We are excited to announce a new series of Create Space workshops: "Expanding Creative Horizons with Innovative Materials". Create Space is an opportunity to experience art making in a group setting that is free of judgement. Themes, music, materials, inspiration and a supportive environment will be provided for participants to engage in creative forms of self-exploration.

For the upcoming workshop on September 6th "Making a Mess" we will encourage participants to experiment and play with messy materials, such as splatter paint, shaving cream, finger paint, and colorful bubbles. The workshop will be structured to allow for demonstrations, art making and self-reflective writing.

No art making or writing experience is needed, just an openness to discovery. Participants are encouraged to bring their own journals. 

Upcoming Workshops:
Cost: $35 (includes art materials)
Facilitators: Kristina Vogt, ATR, LCPC and Daniel Lanctot
Pre-registration is required. To reserve your spot, register online or contact Kristina Vogt, ATR, LCPC at 773-880-1310 x7629 or

September 6
"Making a Mess": splatter paint, shaving cream, colorful bubbles and more

October 4
"Inspired by Nature": leaves, seeds, sand, soil, twigs, rocks and more

November 1
"Ordinary to Extraordinary": plastic bags, rubber bands, cans and more

December 6
"Meditative Processes": printmaking, sewing, paint marbling and more

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