Beware Publishing Offers!

It seems to have become an annual event.  Graduation in celebrated in May and soon after, Flaxman Library uploads the new thesis titles to their website.  Next thing you know, the new graduates are getting an email about an exciting publishing opportunity.  But like so many things that seem too good to be true, these offers are probably not such a great option.

While it seems flattering to get such an offer, please recognize that such companies sweep the internet to find newly completed theses and dissertations and require the authors to sign over the rights to the work with little hope or promise of future sales.  While there are a number of publishers that take this approach, one that often seems to find our graduates is Lambert Academic Publishing.   (See the article "A Must to Avoid" )

Far better to consider more tried-and-true options for getting your work out to your professional peers.  While the thesis-to-book route may be ambitious, many MAAT graduates have shared their thesis research in state or national art therapy conferences or at similar events geared to related professions.  Every such organization has periodic calls for papers on their websites.  There is also a tradition of retooling the research for publication as an article in a peer reviewed journal.  Journals like Art Therapy, the International Journal of Art Therapy, the Arts in PsychotherapyArts & Health, and others all have information for potential authors on their websites.

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