Seamus McGuinness will be speaking about his research and project "Lived Lives" at Sullivan Galleries at 4:30 pm on Wednesday, November 12.

Lived Lives: Materialising Stories of Young Irish Suicide 2003-2008

Lived Lives is an arts practice-led, cross-disciplinary PhD by Seamus McGuinness located within the School of Medicine and Medical Science at University College Dublin (UCD) which goes behind the statistics to capture stories of some of the young lives lost to suicide in Ireland. It emerged from an interdisciplanary research platform, created by the artist and clinical scientist Kevin Malone, Prof. of Psychiatry, St Vincent’s University Hospital/UCD.


  • Through the agency of art to develop effective and innovative research methods informed by a collaborative and integrated process between the project partners which can be applicable to other areas of research, where loss, identity and validation are overlooked, or eclipsed by the silence of stigma.
  • Through the transformative power of art to engage society in a collaborative conversation about suicide and to challenge the silence that fuels the stigma surrounding this subject.
  • Through interactive collaborative installations and conversations to transpose private stories of human loss and pain into the public domain in an ethical manner
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