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About Global Alliance for Africa

Global Alliance for Africa (GAA) transforms the lives of orphans and vulnerable
children affected by the AIDS pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa by partnering with
grassroots organizations to design and implement innovative economic development
programs that enable families and communities to become self-sufficient. The
organization’s focus on economic opportunity ensures a brighter future for the poorest
and most vulnerable in Africa and provides a solution to the cycle of poverty.

GAA programs include their Microfinance, Community Libraries, and Therapeutic Arts

About the Therapeutic Arts Program

The mission of the Therapeutic Arts Program (TAP) is to provide emotionally and
physically safe spaces where orphaned and vulnerable children and youth are
valued and respected as contributing members of the community, and where
they can use the arts to freely express themselves, be unburdened of whatever
troubles them, learn from each other, gain confidence in their skills and abilities,
and experience a sense of belonging.

This mission is accomplished by collaborating with African artists who have the
interest, sensibilities, and dedication to provide strengths-based therapeutic arts
programs in the local context. Cathy Moon and Angela Lyonsmith, U.S. art
therapists, share their knowledge of basic art therapy and counseling skills
through a series of paraprofessional trainings. African therapeutic artists Sane
and Eunice Wadu, who have been part of the trainings for the last 6 years now
collaborate in providing trainings, enacting a train-the-trainers model. They
contribute their invaluable cultural knowledge in relationship to child rearing
practices, the impact of HIV/AIDS, and arts and health practices in East Africa.
The therapeutic arts program receives ongoing support and oversight from GAA.
If you are interested in traveling to East Africa with Global Alliance for Africa …

Contact Linda Stolz, Director of Programs for GAA:

For trips related to the Therapeutic Arts Program, you can also contact Cathy
Moon, GAA consultant and Program Director for the Master of Arts in Art
Therapy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago:

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