Announcement from Mary Andrus

Mary Andrus has accepted a full time faculty/fieldwork coordinator position at Marylhurst University in Portland Oregon starting this fall.

'It has been a joy and pleasure teaching here at SAIC and supporting the growth of this amazing art therapy community'.

She will oversee and manage Art Therapy Studio Chicago, Ltd. from a distance and has hired a team of qualified and brilliant art therapists to run the studio and offer art therapy to the community.

Next month they will be offering two unique groups:

Evolve: Art Therapy Process Group

Do you work through aspects of your life through art-making?
Are you the sort of person who is looking for experiences?
Have you been in therapy and want to try something different?
Creativity and problem solving are experiences rich in personal learning and growth, as well as integrating helpful coping skills. The art making process aids in exploring and identifying values, emotions, thoughts and ideas. Making art is self-soothing and an important way to care for yourself.

Each week suggested exercises will be provided. Individual exploration of themes and materials are also welcomed and encouraged. It is not necessary to have previous instruction, knowledge of art processes, or prior engagement in art therapy. We will work through metaphor, themes, and storytelling, all as ways to help you integrate and process aspects of your life. There will be some introduction to materials, skill instruction, and education about the therapeutic aspect of art making. Our first group will include some discussion on group guidelines and confidentiality.

EVOLVE is an art therapy group led by Erin Owens, a licensed clinical professional counselor, registered art therapist, and artist.

8 week group, slated to start July 20, pending registrations
Mondays 7pm - 9pm at Art Therapy Studio Chicago (easy blue line access)

Minimum of four registered participants and a maximum of eight

and the next...
Art Works Course
Do you find yourself saying, "I wish I had the time to paint" or "I just don't have the space to make art", or "I would like to know how to bring more art into my life"... well now is your chance to connect with art making and get some support along the way! In this 9 week course participants will read the book Art Works, co-authored by Don Seiden, art therapy pioneer and Amy Davis, published author. We will read weekly various chapters, complete assignments, keep a daily journal and meet once per week at Art Therapy Studio Chicago to make art and share our thoughts about the readings. This course is offered for the cost of $200.00(book included), $100.00 for students. Co-Facilitated by Anna Celander, and Jackie Lohr

Group will run Sundays July 12th- August 30th from 7-9pm
Just think of it as an investment in your self, your happiness and fulfillment in your life. You deserve this and are worth it! Sign up now!

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