Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Quinn Rivenburgh creates beautiful, intricate paper art

Quinn Rivenburgh: “Attention Is the Most Basic Form of Love”
5-8 p.m. Saturday, March 26

When people see Quinn Rivenburgh’s art, they often say, “This would drive me crazy!” The queer artist (who does not use gendered pronouns) finds the practice of paper cutting meditative; a symbolic form of whittling away what isn’t needed to reveal the image they want to create.

The process begins long before the first cut is made, however. Rivenburgh begins with an image, often of the human body, drawn in reverse on the back of a single sheet of paper. An X-Acto knife, with frequent blade changes, is used to make incisions on the paper atop a cutting board. Eventually, a work of art emerges.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Police brutality against Disabled People of Color


a joint collaboration between FARAJA CANCER SUPPORT TRUST and the red pencil international
The Faraja Cancer Support Trust is established with the aim of providing emotional, practical and complementary therapies support to anyone affected by cancer, including the patients and caregivers. Another objective is also to raise awareness about cancer through outreaches and campaigns in Kenya. The vision of Faraja Cancer Support Trust is Giving Help, Hope, Life to cancer patients and caregivers.
Working alongside with several institutions and hospitals that offer medical cancer treatments such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery, Faraja Cancer Support Trust compliments with a holistic approach to cope with the challenges of cancer. Over 3,000 cancer patients have since access to the offers of complementary therapies like counselling, nutritional therapy and holistic self-care program. Besides, a ‘Craft for Cure’ program with the use of art-making has been set up and benefitted over 200 children admitted in Kenyatta National Hospital.
The “Train the Trainer” program will be a focus for this Mission collaboration, providing the basic knowledge of art therapy and the use of “visual journaling” for the medical professionals, staffs and caregivers. Art Therapy sessions will also be facilitated for the children diagnosed with Cancer in both in-patient and out-patient settings. Confidentiality and ethical considerations are maintained throughout the Mission.
 The Red Pencil International is very glad to partner with Faraja Cancer Support Trust and is looking for:
2 Art Therapists
with knowledge and expertise in:
·         hospitals /medical work setting
·         population with diagnosed with cancer / medical illness
·         African / multicultural cultural context
·         experience in giving Art Therapy training
·         willingly to implement the ‘Train the Trainers’ program

Step 1:  First mission
Getting to know each other, introducing the concept of “visual journaling”, and involve caregivers and professionals with the “Train the Trainer” program.
Step 2:  Second mission
Further in-depth therapeutic work, strengthening the concept of “visual journaling” and “Train the Trainer” program.
Step 3:  Third mission
Closure of therapeutic work, leaving art materials to encourage continuity of “visual journaling”, and summarize the “Train the Trainer” program.

Step 1: 2-8 April 2016
Step 2: 6-12 August 2016
Step 3: 10-16 December 2016
·      ‘Train the Trainer’ with medical professionals and staffs
·      Beneficiaries are children diagnosed with Cancer and their families /caregivers

Kenya, Nairobi - Faraja Cancer Support Trust

If you are interested, please send your CV with a cover letter before 17 March 2016 to

Art Therapists will be selected based on their experience, availability, and willingness to work on a voluntary basis. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

All costs are sponsored by The Red Pencil (International) and Faraja Cancer Support Trust.