Call for Chapter Submissions

Call for chapter submissions for: Art Therapy Practices for Resilient Youth, set for publication through Routledge.

The field of literature on “at-risk” youth is robust. Art therapists across the nation have been working with this sub population since the field first emerged. Yet unlike clinicians of other trainings, art therapists are uniquely located—the modality begs client buy in, agency, and natural youth participation.

Previous mental health texts focus on finding and providing resources for at-risk youth; those who, due to significant poverty, environmental stress and pathology, find themselves with elevated negative health outcomes including shortened mortality, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, incarceration, and psychosis. As clinicians, we study, practice, and challenge ourselves to equip young people with these qualifiers to live more productive, healthier, and satisfying lives.

In this book, we shift the paradigm away from “at-risk” and towards “at-promise,” highlighting the strength- based model that moves in opposition to pathologization.

This anthology will be a critical text for students in the field, as well as professionals from a cross section of treatment methods. Focusing on resilience, the text will be organized to highlight traumatic factors and environmental prejudice as risk factors, not the youth themselves.

We are currently looking for art therapists to participate in authorship on the following art therapy chapters addressing young people in treatment as:
·         Clients with early childhood trauma
·         Clients with eating disorders
·         Clients with developmental disorders
·         Substance abusing clients
·         Clients charged as sex offenders
·         Clients of addicted parents
·         Clients of divorced/separated families
·         Adoptees or those in foster care
·         Sexually abused children and survivors of incest
·         Clients impacted by war and terrorism
·         Incarcerated clients
·         Clients confronting racial inequality

Each chapter will include a literature review of current research, a case study, and treatment implications for working with each subpopulation.

If interested in participating in this Routledge publication, please submit a 3 page letter of intent outlining your experience with the population, any relevant previous publications, and a synopsis of the intended case study. Submissions will be reviewed as received, however we ask all interested parties contact the authors no later than September 15, 2016.

For questions and inquiries, please contact Marygrace Berberian at  or Benjamin Davis at

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