Invitation for Research Consultant

M.A. Candidate in Dance/Movement Therapy & Counseling at Columbia College Chicago seeks recent graduate or art therapist for help for thesis proposal. 

...I am currently conducting a self-study as part of my master’s thesis, exploring integration in several domains (consciousness, bilateral, vertical, memory, narrative, state, interpersonal, and temporal) and how these influence my professional development as a dance/movement therapist. I am writing you to both request and invite you to guide me through the process of analyzing my data and create meaning of my artwork.

I chose an embodied artistic inquiry methodology to explore the previously described research question, because I believe that my creativity gives me an inroad to different parts of my selves and to acknowledge the complexity and multifacatedness of the topic. Therefore, my data collection as well as analysis methods take the form of movement and art making.

Because the process of self-reflection and self-exploration can be a difficult one, I am looking for someone that can guide me through and support me in the process of data analysis and meaning making of my artwork. At this point I am planning on meeting in person twice over a 10 weeks period between September and December 2016. While I am flexible about when those meetings take place they would most benefit me the last week of October (October 25 – 31) and the first week of December (December 4 – 11).

At these meetings I would like to go over the artwork I created during my data collection, hoping that you can support me in the process of analyzing them using your skills as an art therapist. I would be more than grateful if you could give me this service on a voluntary basis. However, I will be happy to negotiate the required compensation, if this is not possible. I appreciate your time and effort. 

Please contact Jessica Lochte via if you have any other questions about her thesis and if you would like more information. 

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