Research Study: Call for Participants

Doctoral student at Mount Mary University seeks clinical art therapy supervisees, former art therapy students, and current art therapy colleagues for research study  
The purpose of this study is to investigate art therapists’ developmental experiences between graduating from graduate training and entry into the art therapy profession as newly board-certified, credentialed professionals. The data from this study will inform the art therapy profession regarding the implications of an important developmental transition.  If more information is known of the developmental transition, then the art therapy profession (i.e., new art therapists, students, art therapy educators and, supervisors), employers, and other stakeholders can prepare for and normalize experiences. 

Art therapists who meet the following criteria may be eligible:
Professional art therapists who obtained their full art therapy credentials (ATR-BC) no earlier than the year 2015. 
Please contact Danielle Moss via for more information.  

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