ArtWorks at Harold Washington Library

ArtWorks, which offers free open art studios coordinated by art therapists, has recently begun offering programming at Harold Washington Library (HWL), 400 S. State Street in the Loop. The mission of ArtWorks is to foster understanding and compassion between people, despite social and cultural differences, through collective art making.
The concept of ArtWorks is based on research showing that stigma is most effectively reduced when people get to know each other through non-contrived social situations. Because our aim is to create a mix of people who would not ordinarily hang out together, we operate from a stance of radical inclusivity, meaning that everyone (old or young, mentally ill or stable, substance using or not, housed or homeless, etc.) is welcome! We also aim for a non-hierarchical environment where we have no "volunteers," just fellow art makers. 
Please join art therapists Cathy Moon and Val Newman on Mondays 4:30-7:30 pm at ArtWorks HWL. And tell your friends, family member, and clients about this free opportunity for communal art making!

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