Call for Participation

Art Therapy Research Study Opportunity

Art Therapists' treatments, approaches and practices for soldiers or veterans with PTSD

The purpose of the study is to learn more about how art therapists are dealing with and treating soldiers and veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The information gathered will be used to understand better the challenges that art therapists confront when working with these clients and the treatment approaches used in these therapies. The project has been approved by Marywood University's Institutional Review Board. 


Participant should be an art therapist (ATR) or board certified art therapist (ATR-BC) that has had at least one year of experience working with soldiers or veterans with PTSD.
Participants will be asked to participate in in-depth one hour interview. The interview will be audio-recorded and the researcher may take notes as well. Pseudonymous names will be given to the interviewee and to the institutions or centers where they work. The interview may be done via Internet or in person. Your participation is voluntarily. You are always free to decline to answer any question or to stop your participation at any time. There will be no direct benefit to you from participating in this study. However, the information that you provide may help to encourage and promote the dissemination of the experiences and approaches of art therapists that work with soldiers or veterans with PTSD. Personal experience and art therapy techniques used by the art therapists interviewed may contribute to identify good practices for the PTSD soldiers/veterans population.

Participants eligible for a raffle of one of two $50 dollar certificates to AC.Moore  

For any questions or to sign up, please contact 
David Hern├índez-Lucena (787) 247-7064.
The researcher's advisor, Dr. Stephanie Wise, may also be contacted at 

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