Advanced Motivational Interviewing

Date: December 9, 2016
Time: 8:30 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
Location: Mall of America, Parkview Meeting + Event Center (first floor-Inside Nickeldeon Universe) 5204 Center Court, Bloomington, MN 55425
Cost: $85.00

Advanced Motivational Interviewing in Community and Forensic Settings
with Presenters Ernie Marshall, LCSW, and Leslie Barfknecht

Motivational Interviewing is an evidence-based therapeutic technique designed to help people identify their readiness, willingness and ability to make meaningful change in their lives. This evolving intervention continues to be applied and effective across multiple disciplines. Originally utilized in the field of substance abuse; motivational interviewing has been validated in other fields including medical, public, and mental health, and various criminal justice settings. It is specifically effective with resistant/coerced clients who traditionally were considered to be in denial or untreatable. In recent years the use of motivational interviewing has increased in the treatment of sexual offenders. It is presumed attendees will have previous experience in Motivational Interviewing and is not an introduction to MI. This course will offer a brief review of MI and to provide the attendee the opportunity to take a deeper look at MI and further an understanding of the underlying processes. Attendees will enhance their skills and understanding of the MI model to integrate theory more intently into everyday practice with various clinical presentations and across forensic settings. In addition to an emphasis on the importance of the MI Spirit, discussion on the reflection of self and the impact of the MI practitioner within the MI relationship will be integrated as presented by Drs. Miller and Rollnick at the 2015 MINT Annual Pre-Forum. Advanced MI application is being able to engage in self-reflection and be able to speak and discuss each choice within an MI interaction. Participants will have the opportunity to observe, practice and receive coaching and feedback as they engage in exercises to become more purposeful in their work.

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