2017 Spring Symposium at Mount Mary University

Presenters include SAIC faculty members Barbara Fish, Leah Gibson, Cathy Moon, Val Newman, Jeannette Perkal, Savneet Talwar, and Randy Vick in the workshops and panels listed below.

White Art Therapists, What Are You Going to Do? – C. Moon, V. Newman, & J. Perkal 
This presentation addresses the question, “White art therapists, what are you going to do?” in relation to the systemic oppression of Black people in the U. S. It considers this question from three roles of the art therapist: educator, clinician, and activist. Qualifies for 1.5 Continuing Education Hours (CEH).
Off The Map: Traversing the Histories of Art from the Outside – R. Vick
Psychiatric, folk, and “outsider” art have informed art therapy yet they are located at the very fringe of the art historical canon.  Conversely, clinical and social topics have pushed art history to the edge of art therapy scholarship.  Reflection on the intersection of these histories stands to enrich both disciplines. Qualifies for 1 Continuing Education Hours (CEH)  

Art-based Supervision: Cultivating Therapeutic Insight – B. Fish
Supervisors are gatekeepers and guides, ensuring the quality of care and supporting the professional development of supervisees. Art-based supervision recommends response art as a tool to explore content, give feedback and sustain clarity. This experiential workshop offers an opportunity to explore the use of response art used in art-based supervision. (limit 25). Qualifies for 1.5 Continuing Education Hours (CEH).
Bridging Divides: Creating Spaces to Engage The “other’ In One Another – L. Gipson, T. Keenan, B. Moon, V. Sepulveda, S. Talwar, V. Williams.This panel will explore the social, cultural, and therapeutic impacts of polarization, hate, and violence, and offer an opportunity to reflect on how art and art therapy can become an effective counterforce. Qualifies for 1.5 Continuing Education Hours (CEH).
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