Call to Action: Karen Pence is not Art Therapy. WE are Art Therapy.

​(image by Cassie Hamrick)
Karen Pence is not Art Therapy. WE are Art Therapy.

We are believers in the Magic and Beauty of Black Lives. We believe that Migration is Beautiful, that Water is Life, that Love is Love, that our Bodies Are Our Own, that Freedom from Violence is Reproductive Justice, that Access to Healthcare is a Human Right. We know that we Live on Stolen Land, that Silence is Violence, that Imagination is the First Step Toward Liberation, that NO Means NO.

WE are Art Therapy. And we RESIST.

#KarenPenceIsNotArtTherapy   #TellPenceNO   #WEareArtTherapy   #ArtTherapistsRESIST 

We are calling on art therapists to make a statement about why Karen Pence Is NOT Art Therapy. Please submit any type of art or statement to demonstrate to AATA that we are a creative and welcoming community that will not tolerate any association with the current administration and its racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and/or ableist policies.

Here is how you can participate:

- Make art and photograph it.

-Post the image to your Facebook wall, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.

-Share the image in groups you belong to online, and in your local, national, and international art therapy networks. Tag AATA @AmericanArtTherapyAssociation, The New York Times @TheNewYorkTimes, and any/all of the above hashtags.

-Mail your artwork to the AATA office at: 4875 Eisenhower Avenue, Suite 240
Alexandria, VA 22304

-Hold a chapter meeting or bring a group of like minded art therapists in your community together to make art and talk about the AATA ethical principles. 

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