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The Museum of Universal Self Expression or MUSE, Inc. began in 2003 in Chicago, IL. Started by me, and my partner, Bob Buchholz, this non-profit has created a variety art programs throughout the city of Chicago for over 10 years.
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MUSE's basic cause is to provide art programs to under served communities and people in recovery. MUSE has recently developed over the past 2 years to include an art studio/gallery, aka  This Is It Gallery Artworks by self-taught, outsider artists in recovery have been showing at This Is It Gallery during the Pilsen neighborhood Art Walks on First & Second Fridays and the Pilsen 18th Street Annual Open Studio Weekend. This Is It Gallery is also open by appointment and has a website gallery online. Recently, MUSE was approached by an artist in Haiti, Lesly Pierrepaul.  A painter himself, Lesly opened an art school for children in Port Au Prince as a means of helping improve his ghetto community. This art school is known as New Vision. The New Vision students are survivors and children of those who lived through Haiti's 2010 earthquake.
I have been fascinated by Haitian art for many years. Today I see New Vision as a brilliant dream from an artist who wants to help his community.  Artists from New Vision are now sending photos of their fascinating spiritually survivalist works hoping to be shown in Chicago and beyond. They want to continue art making as their own form of expression that is, for some of them, undoubtably beyond words.
This New Vision needs support in order to continue and grow. I see the continuation of New Vision as an opportunity for artists from Haiti to perhaps even come to America and develop another New Vision Art School in our own neighborhoods that need art programs in Chicago as well as across the country.
Yes, the earliest dream of our non-profit envisioned a Museum of Universal Self Expression as a peaceful united worldwide art endowment. It seems infinitely impossible in this day and age but even with One Goal At A Time we can all make a difference.

Haiti is only the first country outside the United States with which MUSE has connected. They are also the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.
Lesly's New Vision found us. Bob and I have since been sent photos of a multitude of New Vision artworks that we would like to bring back to Chicago to show and sell as fundraising for MUSE, This Is It and New Vision.  We need these donations in order for all of us to continue making artistic expression. This is how you can help, and even receive an awesome work of art!
Hoping to arrive in Port Au Prince no later than the beginning of June, Bob and I need funding ASAP for passports, airline tickets, and other travel expenses. MUSE needs funds for investing in artworks from New Vision in order to support their school as well as This Is It Gallery.  We want to help provide art supplies for the students at New Vision as well. We pray that we can bring Lesly's New Vision from his own ghetto communities into the US as well as countries across the world. Art can create new opportunities, needs in expression, and give young people new avenues beyond crime and violence. With so much going on, we need to give the world it's own Museum of Universal Self Expression!
-Diane Green  
Please click here to view the campaign via GoFundMe!

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