Exhibit: Michelle Hartney

Date: March 25
Time: 2-5 p.m.
Location: The Mission
1431 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60642
After Trump was elected, I took a few weeks to lick my wounds and then went back to work with a renewed energy to fight against hate.  I decided to temporarily shift the focus of my work from maternal healthcare activism to fight for basic human rights with a focus on women's rights. 

The goal of my first project, Make America Love Again, is to focus attention on compassion and combat all of the hate that has been stirred up by Trump with messages of love.  So far, I have distributed 6,000 Make America Love Again stickers and 1,500 pins across the country.

Please join me Saturday, March 25th from 2-5pm at The Mission for a group show which will include The Weight of Words, an installation and performance piece created in response to Donald Trump’s history of belittling and objectifying women. The exhibition will include handmade ankle weights that are paired with a metal plaque engraved with misogynistic statements attributed to Trump. Each weight is stuffed with shredded paper that contains copies of the original source of Trump's statement.  
The ankle weights that were worn during a performance piece at the Women’s March in Washington D. C. will be on display, along with a cathartic community activated performance piece, where gallery visitors are invited to shred printouts of Donald Trump’s misogynistic statements using paper shredders included in the installation.  The shredded words will be used as filling to stuff into future ankle weights.  Those unable to attend the show, which runs from March 25th to April 6th can use a virtual shredder set up on my website.

The Weight Of Words from michelle hartney on Vimeo.

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