Call for Thesis Presentation

The Institute Music, Art and Process summons you to the XXXI Summer School of Music Therapy , which will take place between days 1 to 3 July of 2017 in the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions Europe of Vitoria-Gasteiz. 
On this occasion, we propose to address reflective, experiential and shared basis to work from creative therapies, the multiculturalism , so that we promote the visibility of vulnerability and needs, but also the interaction, coexistence, mutual respect and acceptance Of diversity as a value.
  • The benefits of creative therapies in the field of migration In charge of the art-therapist Eva Marxen.
  • Guided Image and Music (GIM) focused on the treatment of adult refugees suffering from Posttraumatic Disorder: Randomized clinical trial in a psychiatric clinic ; By the music therapist Bolette Daniels.
  • If I fall, I stand up again. Re-creating life stories from music therapy , by the music therapist Marta Nieto.
  • The interior music , by the musician and composer Eduardo Ribeiro.
  • Music therapy in IMAP: A training that creates and shapes the person, encouraging their own project . In charge of the Team of teachers of the Master of Music Therapy of the Music, Art and Process Institute (MAP)
  1. Art Therapy and Immigration . Eva Marxen.
This workshop will work with a non-verbal alternative, such as the artistic expression, both cultural roots, migratory paths, prejudices and cultural attitudes as strategies of indirect and symbolic expression for adult clients and young migrants. This will allow us to address issues such as cultural identity, delayed mourning, prolonged stress and / or anxiety in these people.
  1. Receptive music therapy in the treatment of trauma . Bolette Daniels.
The workshop will focus on the use of receptive music therapy (prerecorded music and improvised music) in the different phases of the treatment of post-traumatic stress with the main objective of establishing safe places and increasing internal resources. We will also work with the potential of music therapy to address the intercultural encounter and develop sensitivity with people who are part of other cultures
  1. Music therapy and trauma. Tuning a field of possibilities . Marta Nieto.
In this workshop, we will work on examples of clinical cases, active music therapy techniques, especially improvisation and song creation, and above all, resources and strategies to create a field of possibilities for the child and his / her families, with the aim of exploring their Needs and repair damaged stories and injured links.
  1. The Inner Music . Eduardo Ribeiro
This experiential workshop is based on the teachings of Claudio Naranjo, experiencing music, and meditation, from its spiritual and transformative power, drawing on the universal works of the great Western composers.
You can present and disseminate your clinical or educational work , which reflects the inclusion and interculturality using some of the different and rich approaches and / or languages ​​offered by creative therapies, through a  poster  or  oral communication  (20 minutes of Oral presentation and 10 questions).
Send your communication proposal  before June 2,  to be valued by the Committee, and be included in the programming of the 31st Summer School of Music Therapy.

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