Thursday, July 27, 2017

Art Therapy Books for Sale

SAIC MAAT alumna Wendy Gilchrist is interested in selling the books listed below. She would like to sell them as a group for $145. If interested, contact her at:

Drugs/David Nutt
The Social Construction of Difference and Inequality/Tracy E. Ore
Approaches to Art Therapy theory and technique/Judith Aron Rubin
On being a Therapist/ Jeffrey A. Kottler
Counseling and Therapy/Bob Bertolino Bill O'Hanlon
Photographs not take/Daylight
My baby rides the short bus/Yantra Bertelli
Introduction to Art therapy research/Lynn Kapitan
Art based group therapy/Bruce L. Moon
Recovery options/Joseph Volpicelli
The theory and practice of group psychotherapy/Yalom

Advocate Memory Center Events Servicing Older Adults

Advocate Memory Center has two upcoming events that may be of interest to Art Therapists: 

1.  Art Therapy Presentation & Memory Screening – Presentation by Katharine Kiehn, LCPC, ATR, followed by free memory screenings. Sunday, August 13th, 2-4:30 pm at Wesley Place Living Room, 1415 W. Foster Ave., Chicago, IL.

 2. Art Therapy Study – We are currently screening individuals diagnosed with mild Alzheimer’s disease for participation in a 4-week art therapy intervention along with a  care partner.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Anti Trump Art Collaborations

MAAT alum Michelle Hartney collaborated with Iron and Wine/Califone's Jim Becker to create this poster for the ZZ Buñuel show at The Hideout this Thursday. They are giving posters away to anyone who makes a $30 donation to Planned Parenthood!

Info about the poster and show:
ZZ Buñuel is performing a full set of ZZ Top raw boogie tunes from the early records at The Hideout Inn.
The anti-Trump poster was conceived by Becker as a visual representation for the show, which is a celebration of Surrealism, Jubilation, The Power of Femininity, Declaration, Meditation, Incantations, Ceremonial Rituals, Intervention, Conservation, Heroism, Love, Compassion, Diversity, and equality to all living beings.
Hartney manifested Becker's concept for the poster by creating a digital collage of almost entirely appropriated images pulled off the internet. The poster is a commentary not only about The United States' current political climate and the First Amendment, but also addresses fair use and copyright law.
The poster is 11x17 inches.
Once you make your donation you will receive an email that will ask for the shipping address you would like your poster sent to. 
Come check out the show this Thursday, 7/20/17 at 9pm at The Hideout in Chicago.
The  evening will be MC'd by Mercedes Inez Martinez (Son Monarcas),  and Jim Becker Sr. will start the night out with a five song Karaoke set.
James Becker-vox, guitar (Califone, Iron and Wine}
Doug McCombs-bass (Tortoise)
Jeremy Freeze-vox, guitar (Cave)
Quinlan Kirchner-Drums (Wild Belle)
Becky Levi-vox, Harmonica, guitar, wurlitzer
Caryn Culp-vox, guitar.

ADA Art Exhibit

Celebrate the 27th Anniversary of the Passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act Thursday, July 20 at the Thompson Center.

The Art Exhibit and Arts Program are put together by Sharon Hyson, SAIC Alum and Art Therapist and Art Educator.  To be in the next ADA Exhibit or ADA Program contact Sharon Hyson. or 312.636.7944

Poster Contest

2017 Juried Poster Contest- "Picturing Freedom"
Ends on September 8, 2017
 $30.00 USD, $5.00 USD
ArtWorks for Freedom and VisArts Call for Entries: Picturing Freedom

Picturing Freedom is a nationwide poster contest to focus attention on the global and local crime of human trafficking and modern slavery.  Winning posters and selected works will be promoted and featured on Artwork for Freedom's website as well as during our ACTION DC! awareness campaign in October 2017.

Professional category   $30.00 USD  
Student category  $5.00 USD    

The Subject: Human Trafficking.
 It is estimated that over 21 million people around the world are victims of forced labor of all kinds. That’s today, in 2017. From the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the goods we buy and people we may interact with who are exploited and forced into the commercial sex industry -- forced labor touches us in ways we try not to imagine.

We invite professional and student artists, illustrators and graphic designers to create visually innovative and provocative interpretations of human trafficking and the myriad issues related to its proliferation. It is an opportunity to engage in one of the most important human rights issues of our day!
We challenge you to:
            • Get beyond stereotypes and clichés  
            • See victims with empathy
            • Avoid stigmatizing, sensationalizing and inauthentic imagery
            • Incorporate the National Human Trafficking phone number: 1-888-373-7888

This is an opportunity to unleash your creative imagination and address one of the most important human rights issues of our day!
Grand-prize winner: $1,000  
First prize - professional category:    $400
First prize - student category:            $200
2 Honorable mentions - professional:  $50 gift certificate each        
2 Honorable mentions – student: Art supplies
DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: September 8, 2017, 11:59 PM EDT
High res files reproducible in print up to 22 (h) x 16 (w) inches (1600 x 1080 at 300 dpi, not to exceed 5 MB).  Acceptable file formats are: jpg and tiff. 
Winning posters and selected works will be featured in a pop-up exhibit at a Washington DC gallery during the ArtWorks for Freedom | ACTION DC! awareness campaign in October, 2017.  Opportunities also exist for additional exhibits as part of ArtWorks for Freedom on-going awareness campaigns.
The winning posters will be featured on ArtWorks for Freedom’s website, and in  communications and publicity for ArtWorks for Freedom. They will be used for all media and press purposes, including advocacy materials, interviews, press conferences, etc. with full credit to the artist. The work may be distributed to trafficking hotspots as a tool in fighting human trafficking.
The winning posters will be reproduced in a range of sizes up to 22 inches  x 16 inches . 
PLEASE NOTE:  By submitting a poster project, you implicitly AGREE with all of the following.
You retain copyright and artist credit will appear on any printed or virtual copy of the winning posters
ArtWorks for Freedom uses all forms of artistic expression to raise awareness about modern day slavery and human trafficking. Working locally and globally and engaging art in all its forms, we are transforming public perceptions, educating individuals, communities and policy makers, and inspiring action to put an end to modern day slavery.
VisArts, located in the heart of Rockville, Maryland, is a hub for the visual arts that engages nearly 30,000 visitors annually through gallery exhibitions, education programs, a studio artist program, and events. Founded in 1987, VisArts is committed to a mission of transforming individuals and communities through the visual arts.
Please click here for more information.

IATA Conference

Please click here for more information and to register. 

Save The Date: Oaks of North Lawndale


The Visibility Project: A Celebration of 100 Black Girls

Photo Credit: Jada Thompson, Age 14

Wednesday, July 26
 at 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
SAIC, The Leroy Neiman Center, 37 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL 60603 

On July 26, we calling for  100 BLACK GIRLS to  gather,  to collaborate and celebrate black girls in Chicago. Inspired by Simone Leigh's Black Women Artists for Black Lives Matter, A Long Walk Home Girl/Friends Leadership Institute is bringing this group together to recognize the important contributions black girls make to their communities and our country, and respond to their experiences with insitutionalized violence and their ongoing invisibility in conversations, institutions, and movements for gender and racial equality in the United States. This dynamic event held at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago will feature social justice photography, poetry, and live performances, and collectively organized community healing workshops created and led by black girls and young women!#blackgirlmagic #blackgirlmovement #blackgirlsmatter

Please click here for Facebook event.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2017 in obtaining their Masters of Arts in Art Therapy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago!

Paige Atkinson
Gabriella (Rumi) Clinton
Crystal Drake
Teresa Foote
Andrea Freberg 
Victoria Herrera 
Amelia Holzer 
Jessie James 
Kandi Jamieson
Cassidy Kassab 
Ji Min Kim 
Benjamin Mengebier 
Robert Narciso 
Lindsey Payson
Meredith Raque 
Quinn Rivenburgh 
Meg South 
Sarah Jeziorski 
Melissa Miller 

The following photos are from the Graduate Class Thesis Presentations and Art Show on the 7th floor of Sharp.